Selling your home

Just as for any other homeowner, you have the right to sell your home on the open market. It's important to follow the correct procedure, to ensure that the sale completes properly.

Owners of homes on Pentland Park may advertise their home for free on this website.

You must, by law, provide the following to the buyer, at least 28 days before you they are committed to the purchase (you can agree to a shorter period in writing):

  • A copy of the Written Statement (including the Express and the Implied Terms).
    • If you have mislaid your Written Statement, please apply to the Park Office.
  • A copy of the Park Rules.
  • Your forwarding address.

To complete the sale, the following steps must take place:

  • You assign your rights, in writing, under the Written Statement to the buyer.
  • The agreed purchase price must be paid; 10% of this must be paid to Pentland Park as commission, in accordance with the Mobile Homes Act 1983. NB the correct full sale price of the home must be declared. Under-declaration of the full price (resulting in underpayment of the commission) by either party can be classed as fraud and will result in legal action.
    • Important: until the commission has been paid, neither the sale nor the assignment of rights has any effect, and the buyer will not be entitled to occupy the home on Pentland Park.
    • Therefore, may we suggest that you arrange that the buyer pays you 90% of the purchase price, themselves paying the remaining 10% direct to Pentland Park. This allows the process to complete as promptly as possible; until this is completed, you remain liable for pitch fees and any other responsibilities, such as council tax.
    • Should you decide to take this approach, the simplest way is to come to the Park Office with the buyer, to complete your transaction.
  • On presentation of the assignment of rights and the commission payment, Pentland Park will provide the buyer with a Written Statement in their own name.

When the sale is complete, you should also give them the key to the electricity meter house.

A note on garages

The rental of a garage on Pentland Park is available to residents only, and it is non-transferable. A buyer cannot take on your garage rental, but rather must apply to the Park if they wish to rent a garage.