Fire safety

As with any home, it's important to take precautions against the risk of fire.

Important precautions

  • Take advantage of a free home safety visit from Fire Scotland.
  • Fit a smoke detector.
  • Fit a carbon monoxide detector.
  • Do not block air vents: this can be fatal.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher inside; a fire blanket in your kitchen is also recommended.
  • Do not leave your cooking unattended.
  • Do not overload power sockets, for example by "daisy-chaining" extension cables.
  • Never store fuel or flammable substances in or under your home.
  • Know where the nearest fire point in the Park is sited.
    • These are prominent red boxes placed at close intervals round the park. They contain fire extinguishers and will sound an alarm when opened.

Using gas cylinders

Take special care when handling and using gas cylinders.

  • Install a gas detection system, if possible.
  • Replace a gas cylinder only when it is completely empty.
  • Make sure all cylinder valves are turned off before changing cylinders.
  • All cylinders should be kept in the open air and secured by a safety strap or suitable quick release device.
  • If you suspect a leak:
    • turn off all appliances and the main cylinder valve;
    • open all doors and windows;
    • extinguish naked flames;
    • do not turn anything electric on or off: this can cause a spark;
    • get the gas system checked by a qualified professional.

In the event of a fire

  • Get everyone out of the home immediately.
  • Call 999 for the Fire Service. There is an emergency phone outside the Park Office.
  • Never put your life, or that of anyone else, at risk. More advice is available from Fire Scotland.