Essential information & FAQ

Buying a home on a residential mobile home park gives you certain rights and obligations. The points below cover some of the most common questions.

  • Homes must be owner-occupied and be the main or sole residence.
  • The majority of the homes on the Park are twin units, in the region of 12' x 30' (width and length do vary). Basically these are typically "2 bedroom” homes, though there are larger ones and also single units on the Park.
  • The pitch fee ranges from roughly £40 to £72 per week (~ £2080 to £3744 per year) dependent on the size of the unit. This includes water supply. View current pitch fees.
  • Electricity is sold on at cost to the Park; oil or gas would be up to you to arrange, if used for heating the home.
  • Council tax is payable direct to the council, at the lowest band.